The official parking at Eppley Airfield is ParkOMA.

OMA Premier Parking

The Premier parking facility is situated on the ground of the South Garage and has around 400 parking spots. Premier Parking is the nearest to the main terminal and provides covered-parking. The parking rate for the first 15 minutes is 1$, an additional 20 minutes – 1.50$, with a daily maximum of 26$.

OMA South Garage Parking

The South Garage is the closest parking to the terminal building. The parking complex has over 2961 spaces with three-level to park. Via skywalk, passengers can quickly get to the terminal from the South garage. Parking for the first hour costs 1.00$ every 15 minutes, each additional 20 minutes is 1.50$, and daily maximum for covered parking is 16$, and for rooftop parking rate, passengers must pay 12$.

OMA North Garage Parking

The North Garage parking includes 2100 parking spaces on four-level. Parking fees: for each 15-minutes, the first hour is 1$; each additional 20-minute segment is 1.50$, along with a daily maximum of 16$ for covered and 12$ for rooftop parking.

OMA South Economy and North Economy Parking

South Economy parking garage is the cheapest. Long-term parking at OMA holds 3,000 parking spaces. OMA airport shuttle bus operates service for customers. The daily cost is 6$, and there is no hourly parking available in this area.

North Economy Parking is the closest long-term parking with 700 parking spaces. OMA shuttle bus operates in this area too. The daily cost is 7$, and no hourly parking is available.


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