Custom and Border Protection (CBP) security procedures at Eppley Airfield

The Eppley airport houses an on-site U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility. The complex handles international, private, and charter flights. The CBP takes the duty to check all arrival passengers on the entry to States. Passengers must present legal documents, I.D.s, Passport, Immigration documents, etc. for identification checking. Newly Arrived passengers should be ready to answer any additional questions from CBP agents.

Baggage Claim and Meeting Area at OMA

Baggage carousels are located at both South and North terminals. The North Terminal houses United airline and the Southwest airline baggage service office, whereas the South Terminal, it hosts the American and Delta airline baggage service offices.

People waiting for arriving passengers can meet them at baggage claim or in the main terminal building areas (signs are provided throughout the airport to help passengers or visitors get the right direction).


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